Summerset Isle Wiki


Bugs listed here should be resolved in the next version of Summerset Isle. The next version of Summerset Isle will be 1.5

Known issues with no eta

  • Renderless houses
  • Gross LOD texture on un-repeating meshes
  • Francois won't talk (exit dialogue and talk to him again)

Bugs related to user installation, user load order and cheating through the College of Winterhold quest

  • Quests not working
  • Any sort of lag or CTD
  • Courier not showing up
  • Issues with clothing or bodies missing
  • Any issue you have with downloading
  • Over/Under powered. Everyone plays differently, use your difficulty settings in game
  • Ugly ground cover
  • Texture abnormalities
  • No dialogue
  • Missing walls in the Mages Guild. (Your settings are too low)
  • Menu lag