After being teleported to Summerset Isle the Arch-Mage will find themselves greeted by Sylwia, a well dressed female Altmer. She informs the Arch-Mage that King Celamir, the King of Cloudrest has gone missing and she requires the aid of the Arch-Mage. The player will have a choice to reject helping and subsequently be teleported back to Skyrim.

If the player chooses to help Sylwia she will follow them to a place she has marked on the map called Karndar Watch. It's one of the stops she wishes to make before heading to Cloudrest.

In Karndar Watch Sylwia will explain that the folk living there where transformed into abominations than suggest heading on to Cloudrest.

When the two arrive at Cloudrest Sylwia will answer a few questions if the Arch-Mage is interested.

After the conversation Sylwia and the Arch-Mage discover a tuft of dog fur by the throne in the Cloudrest palace throne room. Sylwia will mention that there was a dog outside and suggest investigating it for a lead to the King's disappearance.

After the Arch-Mage comes to a conclusion after speaking with the dog, Sylwia suggests that the Arch-Mage and the dog make their way to the Shimmerene Mages Guild to speak with the Dean or Master Bolwing, his star pupil.

After speaking with the Dean he will grant the Arch-Mage two spells of teleportation to travel to and from Summerset Isle. He will also suggest getting acquainted with the land.

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