Summerset Isle Wiki


Q: When will the final version be released?

A: A tentative date has been set, but that date is only available to patron members and beta testers for the time being.

Q: I didn't bother reading anything or following any instructions and now I have a problem with my game!

A: Just follow the installation instructions.

Q: Artaeum!?

A: The mod Summerset Isle was created before ESO. Artaeum's appearance in Summerset Isle is explained by Othinil who is in the Study of the Psijic Order.

If you have an issue lore/canon wise with this design choice, you should also be complaining about Sheogorath existing prior to Jyggalag in ESO, a cave structure of the Shivering Isles existing underneath Solitude and all the relics from Cyrodiil gravitating to Skyrim.

Q: When is the SSE version going to be available?

A: When the mod is finished for LE, work will be started to port it to SSE by the mod author. Tou can check the progress on his blog.

Q: Have you made any contact with the developers of Beyond Skyrim? With a project like this, it seems to me you'd be a massive contributor.

A: There are at least two philosophies when it comes to modding. Some people work better in a structured group. Carved Brink, Beyond Bruma, Skywind, where tasks are delegated through the members. The other philosophy is working solo, like Vigilant, Beyond Reach, Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, Moon Path to Elsweyr, Wheels of Lull. The solo modder is the director and gears of their machine. While both approaches work, the developer of Summerset Isles is a solo modder like many others.

Q: Why are there so few people in Alinor?

A: Alinor has a population of 55 people in the current version. Shimmerene has 89. In Skyrim, Whiterun has a population of 72. and Winterhold has 35.

Q: LOOT says TES5Edit has found 2857 ITM records.

A: You are using the 1.4 version of Summerset Isle or earlier and those ITMs are not present in the current unreleased 1.5 version, these ITM records will not damage your save game in any way. If you are inclined to clean them you do so at your own risk.