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Honour View Interior.png
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Located in Lillandril, on the right side of the upper docks. The house has three stories and is fairly large. Honour View is one of the more challenging houses in the Summerset Isle to own which is obtained after completing the quest Queen of Hearts Part 3. The home's proximity to the Lillandril Palace as well as the Lillandril Docks is very convenient for players who need amenities nearby. It features ample storage space, but doesn't have any mannequins. The house can not be upgraded as it already contains an alchemy lab and an arcane enchanter.

Honour View counts towards one of the houses for the quest Altmer of a Lonely Heart.

  • Price: Free (possible reward)
  • Amenities: Cooking pot, Bed, Ample storage, Nearby access to a forge, Alchemy and enchanting tables.