Summerset Isle Wiki


Summerset Isle is compatible with literally every mod, there are a couple that edit the core game that minor adjustments must be made for the quests to work properly.

  • Mods that edit the BaseID for the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold or that redirect to a different interior cell. Solutions, Uninstall/disable mods that edit the door to Frozen Hearth Inn.
  • Mods that give the title of Arch-Mage to someone else, (If you do not give the title away to someone else then you will have no problems)
  • Frostfall needs to have Fast Travel enabled initially for Summerset to work. Frostfall 1.35 and higher is supported but only in Summerset Isle, meaning, You must enable fast travel prior to speaking to the courier, but you are free to disable it after you are teleported to Summerset Isle.
  • Mods that allow the player to fly are not recommended as many quests expect the player to not be able to fly. If you insist on flying expect some quests to break as many quests use trigger boxes and a flying Arch-Mage was not considered in development.
  • ESMifying the esp will break the mod in many ways so it is not recommended or supported.
  • The Shire Mod as it is incompatible with the base game. Conflicts listed here.
  • The patches made for version 1.35 here and here are not compatible with version 1.4 and higher.