Summerset Isle Wiki


  1. Install manually. (Open file in new window after unzipping. Open computer\local disk\program files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data Move unpacked file into data folder.)
  2. Install SKSE with memory patch (you need to enable it manually to work) Configuring your SKSE.ini If you struggle with editing .ini files, you can try to use SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users
  3. Install ENB Boost. (recommended) Configuring ENB Boost to your specs.
  4. What are your ugrids set to?
  5. Check your load order. Read below.
  6. What are your system specs?
  7. What is your configuration to ENB Boost?
  8. Have you removed any mods since installing Summerset Isle?
  9. How big is your save file?
  10. How many mods do you have installed? 
  11. Your load order must be perfect or you will crash. 
  12. Are you using the SKSE memory patch and ENB Boost?
  13. Where is Summerset in your load order?
  14. Are you modding within your means? Understand the limitations of your computer, just because the recommended ram is 4gb, that is only with the base game, not including mods.

-Try to get it close, use your judgement after to move things that are like brothers and sisters that might get along if you don't know where they go. Worlds with worlds, houses with houses, armors with armors etc.

-You also need to be familiar with the mods you are using, where the author recommends you put it. 

-If you have removed mods with Summerset installed, just like other mods, your game will become unstable. 

-I usually put my quest mods in slot 05 because most quest mods add new locations. 

-Know your mods. If you have an armor mod that adds one set of armor, but you have to do a quest to get the armor, than it is a quest mod. Understand what the mods you use do and put them with other mods that do similar things.