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Manor Keep Interior.png
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Located southeast of Alinor and North of Glenview. The house has three stories and is fairly large. Manor Keep is the most difficult of all purchasable houses in the Summerset Isle to own which become available for purchase after the quest Hail to the King is completed. Manor Keep makes for an excellent high level player home. The home's barkeep is very convenient for players who need a trader nearby. It features ample storage space, but doesn't have any mannequins. The house can not be upgraded as it already contains all crafting services.

Manor Keep does not count towards one of the houses for the quest Altmer of a Lonely Heart.

  • Price: 50,000 gold
  • Amenities: Personal Trader, Horse, Personal Mine, Cooking pot, Bed, Ample storage, Alchemy table, Enchanting table, Anvil, Grind Wheel, Armor workbench.